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                                          CARDIOENGINE by INFINITY

CardioEngine by Infinity is the revolutionary kit which allows you to turn your bike into a non-common cardio e-bike thanks to its unique features, in a simple way and at a low cost.

You will then have an assisted pedal bicycle equipped with a customizable control system that allows you to 360-degree enjoy your passion.

With the App you can select 4 modes of operation:

ECO     Perfect mode for long walks

TARGET POWER    Choose how much energy CardioEngine will supply to you

CITY     For a quick start in moving in city

HRWS    (Heart Rate Watt System)

Train with the innovative engine power management system in relation to your heart rate and let CardioEngine adapt and modify your motorcycle's assistance to your heartbeats throughout your training session.

Thanks to the App, available for IOS and Android systems, you have the ability to monitor your heart rate by adjusting the push engine according to your needs. Through the fitness band equipped with a heart rate sensor, CardioEngine records heart rate more than 5 times per second and adjusts the level of service according to effort using the powerful low consumption and long-lasting electric motor. Its engine goes on over 3 hours with the intermediate battery and in 800/900 m climbs.

The CardioEngine weights only 1900 g in the intermediate configuration and it is composed with:
- a "hub geared" brushless engine with efficiency above 85%, positioned in place of the original rear hub
- a Lithium-Ion battery that is installed under the saddle (125 Wh rated by 580 gr) or in the bottle holder (250 Wh and 375 Wh respectively rated by 1.1 kg and 1.6 kg)
- a compact and lightweight control unit that allows you to change CardioEngine's operating modes through the dedicated iOS and Android application.


Information, processed by the control system, are sent via Bluetooth to the smartphone from which you can view and set the different operating modes and also send all the information in Live Streaming to the Cloud Infinity. In fact Infinity Control sends information about instantaneous and average speed, distance, altitude and climb, GPS position and GPS tracking, engine power, heart rate and training zones to the Cloud, that allows to display them live without transmission gap.

easy installation

You can’t imagine an easier installation process: the rear wheel hub gets substituted with the motor, the battery is placed in the existing bottle cage and the motor gets connected to the battery with 2 cables with the Infinity Control System module in the middle. No damage to the clean lines of your race bike.


Weight does matter




E-Road System includes extralight components. The total additional weight to your race bike is only 2,7kg with the Battery Pack 250 system mounted. The battery is not integrated and can be easily taken away. Want to pedal yourself, no problem – leave the battery at home, now it’s only 1,5kg extra to the original weight of your bike.

Fitness Focus


E-bike that keeps you FIT


All the riding modes are fitness oriented. Under the basic Power mode the motor provides a fixed assistance in terms of watts and not the speed. The level of assist can be modified any time, but within the same assist level cyclist has to pedal more himself in order to cope with any changing conditions preventing him from maintaining the same speed such as wind, hills, change in terrain. 

Advanced control via App


Full control over the bike via Smartphone App with high level of personalisation. Choose from preset riding modes or customise the assist according to your needs. Hold in check the battery status, calories burnt, speed, heart rate, elevation gain and other parameters. Navigate with built-in maps, save and share your rides with Infinity Ride Club. 

Cardio Assist


Heart Rate = Level Assist


The higher heartbeat you get, the more assistance you receive from the motor – that is how the cardio riding mode functions. It is either possible to choose the max HR that shouldn’t be exceeded or a HR Zone within which the heartbeat should remain during the ride and the motor will adjust accordingly. Not only useful for people with heart diseases, but it’s also the most efficient mode for training.

COMPONENTS                    Battery, Motor, Control System 

BATTERY:                              LG Li-ion battery

Capacity                             235Wh and 352Wh

Weight                                 1.2kg and 1.8kg

MOTOR                                 Brushless rear hub motor

Body                                     HG up to 11 Speed

Rated Power                     250 Watt

Maximum torque           35 Nm at 80 rpm

Efficiency                         above 90%

Diameter                            110mm

Width                                  135mm

Weight                                2.35kg


Autonomy                       50-150 km depending on assist mode and battery model

Hardware                        In-house Control System Infinity ebike

Software                          Smarphone App Infinity ebike

                                              ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0

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