is a fast and durable e-bike to travel on and off road. High adaptability, versatility, and ruggedness make it a perfect performer on any sort of terrain and surfaces. Carefully designed geometry of the frame, ergonomics derived from a gravel bike and selection of high-end components guarantee extra stability and comfort over long distances. 






HYCYCLE X adaptability, versatility, and ruggedness make it a perfect commuting bike, an ideal light touring or bold bike, a great training bike, or simply that one bike that can tackle any sort of terrain you care to try it on, including farm roads, gravel, crushed cobblestones and tarmac. Zero Y is equipped with eyelets for fitting racks and mudguards, so that you could build up the perfect commuting bike or add a rack for some light touring.




With the motor positioned in the rear hub, the batteryperfectly

camouflaged in the bottle cage and the only two connecting

cables for Infinity Control System no one would think that

HYCYCLE X is an electric bike supporting you with 250W.

HYCYCLE X remains stylish while being electric.

                                                                                                 Weight does Matter


                                                                                                           Carefully selected high-end components and the choice of the                                                                                                                  main parts in Carbon T1000 made it possible to reach a record low                                                                                                              weight of only 11,9 kg, including pedals and battery. That makes                                                                                                                  HYCYCLE X not only 40% lighter than the average e-bike, but also                                                                                                                as smooth to ride as a conventional bicycle.




E-bike that keeps you FIT

All the riding modes are fitness oriented. Under the basic Power mode the motor provides a fixed assistance in terms of watts and not the speed. The level of assist can be modified any time, but within the same assist level cyclist has to pedal more himself in order to cope with any changing conditions preventing him from maintaining the same speed such as wind, hills, change in terrain.

















                                                                                               Future technology

​                                                                                           Advanced control via app.


Full control over the bike via Smartphone App with high level of personalisation. Choose from preset riding modes or customise the assist according to your needs. Hold in check the battery status, calories burnt, speed, heart rate, elevation gain and other parameters. Navigate with built-in maps, save and share your rides with Infinity Ride Club.





















Weight is one of the most important parameters for bicycles. With Infinity e-bikes you don’t need to worry about it. Complete e-bike weigh from 11,9kg to 12,2kg depending on the model, while the transformation system adds 1,5kg only to the weight of your own race bike

It’s not just about the Smartphone App with which you control the e-bike. It’s about the first multi-purpose e-bike that makes you fit, riding modes never seen before and outstanding level of personalization that guarantees a unique riding experience.

Infinity offers you a cardio riding mode. The motor assistance is based on your heart rate level. The higher heartbeat you get, the more assistance you receive from the motor. Not only useful for people with heart diseases, but also the most efficient mode for training.

Cardio Assist

Heart Rate = Assist Level

The higher heartbeat you get, the more assistance you receive from the motor – that is how the cardio riding mode functions. It is either possible to choose the max HR that shouldn’t be exceeded or a HR Zone within which the heartbeat should remain during the ride and the motor will adjust accordingly. Not only useful for people with heart diseases, but it’s also the most efficient mode for training


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