etappe is a new Norwegian bicycle brand that is fresh, environmentally friendly and innovative, with a strong connection to Lillesand and Southern Norway.
We offer custom-built quality bikes with innovative parts and equipment. Road, MTB, Cyclocross. 100% custom made and with own design. Unique electric bikes and modern products.
The adventure began in the summer of 2015 when I decided to create something new; the first bicycle brand from Lillesand and Southern Norway.  Self-developed ideas and designs were the starting point for collaboration with skilled suppliers and manufacturers, and the first prototypes were created.
I am Cristian Graziano,  a 42 Italian who has lived in Norway since 2001, in Bergen, Oslo and now Lillesand.  My biggest passions are cycling, design, cooking and being with the family. It's home in Lillesand I find support and inspiration.
I have worked several years with electrotechnical and mechanical tasks in Italy, and have always had great interest in design. Now I get the opportunity to utilize the expertise and the different experiences I have built up by creating something new through real crafts and creativity.
Ever since I was too small to reach the pedals, I have been interested in cycling. I remember well when I "borrowed" my grandfather's Bianchi bike to ride with my friends. Since then I have used many different "Bianchi" bikes, and the passion for cycling is still full. The unique "celeste Bianchi" color is something I have included in the ETAPPE project.
Anyone with a passion for cycling gets a special relationship with their bike. I believe that every bike can, in some ways, express different souls and temperaments. In order to create a "special bike" one must have an eye for detail in the same way as the most experienced tailors. The various pieces are specially selected as an artist chooses the right color shades, and everything is ultimately combined and perfected as only the most skilled Italian chef can.
Continuous search for innovation and inspiration is also part of the invaluable dialogue with the customer. Understanding the customer's needs and desires, and then creating a customized unique product.


dette er etappe og dette brenner jeg for.

cCristian Graziano

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